Digital Care Solutions

Xealth enables healthcare teams to order digital content and services as easily as they do medications today. Patients can then access these digital health prescriptions from the provider's portal, so that they can actively manage their health.

Onboard & launch new solutions in days vs months
Easily prescribe from existing charting workflow
1 4 3 2 ORDER MONITOR PROVIDER PORTAL Onboard & launch new solutions in days vs months Easily prescribe from existing charting workflow Determine best match digital solution for each patient Quickly access data and usage across all solutions INTEGRATE PRESCRIBE ANALYZE MONITOR
Determine best match digital solution for each patient
Quickly access data and usage across all solutions


Until now, tools that allow care providers to integrate tailored digital health information and apps—and monitor their usage—have not kept pace with providers and patients' desire to use them. Xealth enables IT/IS teams to onboard digital vendors into clinician and patient EMR interfaces in days rather than weeks.

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Digital Care Integration


Using Xealth's prescribing and analytics platform, care teams can order digital health care and multi­media content, apps, and devices to further extend and improve patient education and engagement.

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Digital Care Monitor


Physicians can quickly monitor (or be automatically notified of) a patient's engagement with the digital solution. Xealth enables them to do this right from their existing charting interface improving care team efficiency.

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Digital Care Orders


Care teams and physician leadership can see the effects of more engaged patients, while measuring outcomes and effectiveness of different prescribed content, apps, services, and connected medical devices across the entire system.

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Digital Care Monitor

Extending the patient and physician conversation outside of the examination room


The Patient

Xealth empowers patients to help manage their health by giving them readily available digital tools and important information, which are directly connected to their care team and health system.

Care Teams

Care Team

Care teams can order and track the use of digital health care and multi­media content for education, apps for disease management, devices to help monitor care, and schedule reminders to ensure patients use them.



Xealth can integrate a dozen digital health vendors in the same time it takes to integrate just one. This allows IT and IS teams to focus on running the Health System—Xealth will take care of the Digital Care.

In the spotlight

Xealth is making an impact to the way physicians and patients access digital care.


delivered to patients


delivered to patients

By Bill Bryant, DFJ Partner / July 11, 2017
Xealth Puts the X Factor Into Health

By Ido Lechner / July 7, 2017
Doctors Can Now Prescribe Digital Services To Their Patients

MedCity News
By Erin Dietsche / June 14, 2017
Providence spinout Xealth raises $8.5 million

Finsmes / June 14, 2017
Xealth Raises $8.5M in Funding

Xealth will dramatically improve the connection between patients and clinicians. Xealth extends the patient and physician relationship outside the walls of a traditional care setting by making it easy for clinicians to prescribe digital content, services, and apps for their patients.

— Rod Hochman, MD, President & CEO, Providence St. Joseph Health

Digital health tools are a key ingredient in transforming how health care is delivered. Identifying who may benefit from these tools and seamlessly integrating these technologies into the care team’s workflow is at the heart of what Xealth offers. In partnership with Xealth we will significantly advance our efforts to help people attain and sustain optimal health.

— Mike Anderes, Chief Innovation & Digital Officer, Froedtert Health

Xealth represents a critical frontier for health care innovation. There has been over $10B in venture capital invested in digital health solutions in recent years. Xealth helps to quickly accelerate the deployment of those solutions into health systems, allowing physicians to help scale care teams and engage patients more effectively. We're excited that UPMC and Providence share our digital health vision in partnering with Xealth.

— Emily Melton, Partner, DFJ

Sharing the digital health vision

Providence and UPMC are using the Xealth platform to easily integrate, prescribe, and monitor a variety of third party digital solutions.

Health System Customers


Xealth is enabling Circle—a women's health app—to provide personalized, EMR integrated care from pregnancy to pediatrics. In primary care, physicians can prescribe educational video content through ACP Decisions to engage patients in the discussion around advance care planning.


Xealth is tackling comprehensive joint replacement education and recovery with an integration of shared decision making tools, videos, and UPMC custom content.

Xealth is working with Hennepin to help solve the problem of no-shows with a special focus on the medicaid population.

Still in "Xealth Mode"... Stay tuned!

Integrated Heath Vendors

Xealth is integrating the Healthwise Shared Decision Making module into a health system partner clinic in order to give physicians and patients a better way to ascertain the best course of care.

Xealth is integrating Twistle as a project to aid in post surgical recovery workflow.

Xealth enables Circle to access key data sets in the EMR to provide highly personalized content and advice to women from pregnancy to pediatrics. We're looking forward to helping them expand to future health systems.

Xealth is deploying a solution with Hitch Health that provides patients with transportation to important clinical appointments.

About the team

Xealth was incubated in Providence Ventures last year with an open charter to disrupt healthcare. Based in Seattle, the company was founded by the team of serial entrepreneurs behind Swype, an innovative keyboard that shipped on over one billion phones, and Boost Mobile, now Sprint's prepaid mobile service generating over five billion in revenue.

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